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Cadifra UML Editor

Cadifra UML Editor - The Fast UML Tool for Windows

Draw professional quality UML diagrams on Windows:

  • Undo all changes, without limit
  • Edit any text in-place with a double-click
  • Enjoy clever connectors (see video)
  • Fast zoom with your mousewheel (hold down <ctrl>)
  • Drag a selection to wherever you want (press <ctrl> to drop a copy)
  • Embed diagrams into Microsoft Word (see video)
Cadifra UML Editor

Download (Free 30 day trial)
No questions asked.

$30 per license

Cadifra UML Editor screenshot

«Cadifra was designed for quick capture of UML diagrams and for accurate printing of such diagrams. It excels at its goals.»

«I can actually knock up UML diagrams in Cadifra quicker than I can with pen and paper.»

«By far the best UI I've encountered for a UML tool.»

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