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Comments about Cadifra UML Editor

«For modelling software, I used to prefer paper and pencil or a whiteboard.

These days I use Cadifra UML Editor http://www.cadifra.com

Cadifra is a very simple tool that allows very _quick_ and accurate drawing of Class/Package, Sequence, State, Object and Use Case diagrams.

Cadifra has excellent support for embedding diagrams in MS Word using OLE, so you can click on an embedded diagram and it will load in Cadifra for edit.

Cadifra was designed for quick capture of UML diagrams and for accurate printing of such diagrams. It excels at its goals.


arf!, Wednesday, July 23, 20081

«I agree, pen and paper rule.

Until you start making mistakes.

Or need to reorganise the layout.

Or just want to make small edits here and there.

This is where a good software solution can step in.

I can actually knock up UML diagrams in Cadifra quicker than I can with pen and paper. Any mistakes can be quickly corrected and changes of direction accomodated without the need to start over.

I use UML to quickly capture my ideas and to communicate my designs to colleagues.

Anyway, I've banged the Cadifra drum quite hard now. I'm not at all affiliated with the Cadifra developers, I am just a very satisfied user, who wouldn't mind if more folk used such a cool piece of software.»

arf!, Thursday, July 24, 20081

«For my small home projects, when I want to quickly capture an idea or concept, then I can't get enough of Cadifra UML Editor...


Its cheap and just works. Can paste its diagrams into Word and then edit from the Word document.

By far the best UI I've encountered for a UML tool.

BTW, I've used Artisan Real-time Studio and Enterprise Architect (EA) at work. Not overly keen on either but EA would win in a death match.»

sensible, Thursday, August 23, 20072

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