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Licenses are sold to you by shareit.com (our reseller).

All prices listed are subject to the applicable sales tax/VAT. Since taxes are determined by the customer's location, the final selling price will be displayed after the customer enters a shipping address (TAX/VAT may apply for certain countries. Exact details are provided before the order is completed).

Order Processing

We do not physically ship the software to you. Please download the software from our download page. We expect you to test the software before you purchase.

You can download a license file from share-it immediately after your purchase (if you purchase by credit card). Additionally, you will receive the license file attached to an email sent by share-it.

A copy of the license file must be saved in every installation folder where you installed a properly licensed copy of Cadifra UML Editor. The license file is considered part of the software and its use is governed by the license agreement of the software. Please store a copy of the license file in a save place for backup.

Upgrades and Future Releases

Minor upgrades and bug-fix releases are free for current customers. No new license files are needed. Just download the new installer as available on our download page and install it.