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Installer File

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MD5: b1b102c22b8e662306ac1e8203d871f8

This is a fully functional free 30 day evaluation version. It prints a notice on every page you print or export.

You may download the user's manual separately. This is optional - the installer already contains the manual.

If the 30 day evaluation period has expired, the program will continue to work as a reader. This means, you can still view and print your diagrams, but not modify them.

If you purchase a license (or multiple licenses in the same purchase), a digitally signed personalized license file is issued to you, which must be downloaded and saved in the install directory. This disables evaluation mode.


To start the installation, just double-click the installer file.

If Cadifra UML Editor is intended to be used by all users on a computer, then the installation must be done by an admin user account.

Upgrading from previous versions

Version 1.3.3 is a free upgrade for all current customers. You don't need a new license file. Just download the *.msi file and install it into the same directory where you installed your previous version.